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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers to your Homeowner Association questions? Look no further! Our website provides all the information you need, along with contact numbers for any additional inquiries.

I may be interested in renting my home.  What do I need to know?

It is important to note that there are specific rental guidelines in your HOA that must be followed. All funds owed to the Association must be paid before approval for sale or rental is given, and an application for approval must be submitted at least 30 days before closing. Criminal and financial background checks will be performed on all permanent residents, and the fee for approval will be $150 to cover the above costs. Additionally, a house must be owned for one year before it can be rented, and a maximum of 10% of all homes may be rented at any one time. Rental tenants may not have a record of non-compliance with rules of, or eviction from another community within the past five years, and prospective tenants require a FICO score of 750 for approval. Lastly, occupancy by no more than six persons, regardless of age, including no more than two unrelated by blood or marriage will be allowed.

How do I receive a pool pass?

The Villages POA has implemented a Key FOB System to ensure secure convenient access to our pools. A one-time cash payment of $25 is required, and there are no renewal fees. For more information on pick-up times and locations, please call the POA office at (561) 689-5088.

If you have questions, click below and let us know!

Contact Numbers with General Information

Water Sprinkler

Image Sprinkler

Call or text at 561-351-9620.  Please follow up with the HOA hotline after you contact them.

Police Cars


Police non-emergencies


Emergencies 911

Fishing in Nature

Retention Ponds

Issues with fountain, please call 561-624-7830.  North Palm Beach County Improvement District.


Pay Dues Online

Our HOA takes Zelle payments. Contact your local bank for details.  Look for our ID:

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